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These are incredible times we live in!

If you have seen the movie “Living Matrix” you know that our cells are connected to each other and communicate with each other through an electronic matrix consisting of proteins, using “information”* (not chemicals as previously believed) . These proteins connect the outside of the cells, through the cell membrane, with the inside of the cell, and the DNA.

*The “information” encompasses everything you put into your body and around your body (this is called Epigenomics.**) When food is healthy and full of life giving information nearly 99.9 % of everything you eat is eliminated. In other words the body only keeps information that the food contains. This information is in the form of light waves (biophotons), sound waves, and thought waves. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes are all transformed into energetic information before they can be used.

Scientists tell us that the human body is designed to live healthy till at least 135 years of age. Think about this; the human bone cells will be replaced from 10 to 15 times during a life time. The intestinal cells will be replaced 10,000 times during the same life span. Will the new cells be stronger or weaker thn the cells they replace? This depends on the information they receive.

Processed foods loaded with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial colors and preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics, provides one type of information and the organic food picked fresh from your garden provide another type of information.

Same applies for synthetic vitamins isolated from their source verses whole food nutritional supplements including Dr. Ria's Premier Products. 

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